Triumphant Learning Homeschool Resource Center

Cultivate an atmosphere where your family thrives!

Homeschooling is rewarding, but it can also be challenging.

The Triumphant Learning Homeschool Resource Center is a place where you can find support on difficult days and share your wins on good days. Maybe even both on the same day! It's also a place where you can continue to learn how to be a more effective homeschool teacher and parent. 

I'm Crystal, your host.

As a homeschool coach and mentor, I help parents decide if homeschooling is a good fit for their family, get started with confidence, and overcome barriers to productive homeschool days.

My mission is simple—to help you know that you ARE your child’s best teacher. You CAN homeschool with confidence and joy!

What's so special about the Triumphant Learning Resource Center?

The Triumphant Learning Homeschool Resource Center is not just another community on a social media platform! You'll find so much more than a feed of posts here. Here are just some of the benefits you'll find inside:

  • It's not on social media, so you'll have fewer distractions.
  • You can choose what you see and what topics you follow so you can use your time more efficiently.
  • A safe, judgment-free place to connect with other homeschool parents where you can share your joys and concerns.  
  • Everything is in one place! Master classes, courses, community, podcast episodes, blog posts, chat threads, and more.
  • It's searchable. If you are struggling to overcome an obstacle, you can search the resource center to find answers to your problem. And if you don't see the answer, you can ask in the thread or community-wide chat. 
  • There are multiple ways to engage. 
    • Participate in an online chat session.
    • Attend a virtual master class.
    • Post a question in the topic feed.
    • Find others near you to meet in person (optional).
  • Continuing education opportunities are available through live master classes or replays.
  • You'll be supported in multiple ways - mentoring from veteran homeschool moms, curriculum suggestions, and recommendations for tutoring and educational services.
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